Weekly Grind June 30, 2017

This is why I had to take off 2 days from the gym…


  • Barbell bicep curl: 4X12 (instead of resting hold a barbell)
  • Rope tricep pulldown: 2×10,10,10,10 ( increase the weight every time)
  • Single arm bicep curl: 2×10,10 (increase weight)
  • High bicep curl on lat pulldown: 3×20 (increase weight every set)
  • Close grip press on smith machine: 4X20 (30 sec rest, spot for forced reps)
  • Bicep curl machine: 3×12 (last set do a total of 3 drop sets)
  • Bench tricep dips: 10×50 (good luck and go cry at home)


I’m a big believer in not training biceps directly and therefore I do bicep curls once every 3 months or so. Now, before you think “I broke the liftin’ bro code” let me explain my point of view. I’m primarily a men’s physique competitor and not a bodybuilder, in this category you don’t actually flex but instead you hold your pose and show off your “V taper” (granted there’s more but this is the basics) What gives a V taper? Broad shoulders, wide back, and a small waist. Thats right, I didn’t say biceps. My priority is to grow my back and my shoulders before I focus on my arms, the reason why I can do that is because even though I’m not working on my biceps directly I’m working them indirectly with pretty much all upper body exercises. You can’t stop a muscle from firing, if you move a finger it’s not just the finger that moves but a dozen other muscles as well. So as I progress with my workouts and get stronger I’m also working on my arms. I need every workout to count towards my weaknesses and if I wasted my time on biceps I’ll be missing out on time to grow my back and shoulders.


Phew, so now that the rant is over… the reason why I worked on them is because my knee started acting up for some reason and that forced me to split up my training differently. And also I was working out with a friend of mine so yea…

For the explanation of the workout:

Barbell bicep curl: 4 sets of 12. I had a partner so what I did was, as I was doing my set the other person would hold on to a barbell 10lbs less and hold it at 90 degrees. So there’s no rest in between.

Rope tricep pulldown: 2 sets of 10,10,10,10. Yep that’s 8 total sets, increase the weight on every set and take 2 min rest after all 4 are done.

Single arm bicep curl: 2 sets of 10,10. Increase weight with every set, and keep rest to 60 sec. Something to keep in mind is to not use momentum and force that elbow next to your side during the movement.

High bicep curl on lat pulldown: 3 sets of 20. I honestly never do these but the gym was crowded and this was the only thing available. I keep it basic and stay away from fancy stuff, if I include fancy workouts then I make sure I do them often. And yes, increase weights in every set.

Close grip press on smith machine: 4 sets of 20. I suggest a training partner for this one and force yourself with a spotter to finish all 20 reps, aka: you a lil bi4C$ if you don’t finish 🙂 Take 30 sec in between sets.

Bicep curl machine: 3 sets of 12. Simple hold at the top for 2 sec in every rep and increase weight every set. For the last set do a total of 3 drop sets, so it should look something like this: 12 reps at 100lbs then decrease to 80 lbs for as many reps as you can then 50lbs. A good suggestion is to drop the weight and skip 2 holes on every drop set.

Bench tricep dips: 10 sets of 50 (good luck and go cry at home, I’m not joking) If you decide to do this please dm me on my ig @BryanBlacio and share your story! 🙂 take 60-90 sec in between sets. I do not suggest using any weight and stick to old school gravity.


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