Weekly Grind July 7, 2017 

Back workout & update on my next show

  •  DB pullover 4×8
  •  Cable pullover (rope) 2×15
  •  Single arm cable Pull over (rope) 3×6
  •  Underhand barbell rows 4×10
  •  HS high to low row 3×12 (3 sec hold)
  •  V bar pulldown 3×8,6,4 (increase weight)
  •  V bar chin ups 3×10-20
  • Standing cable row: 3×15,15,15 (Lower angle)

What’s up guys, so if you’re interested in more than just the workout and my life (I know it’s so interesting) I started my prep for my next show on September 30th. This is a special one for me since it’s gonna be be second time I do this show. I did the same one exactly a year ago and it was my first show ever. So I want to come back again for vengeance and take the overall, I’m going to be showing you what my workouts are looking like now a days.

Now on to the explanation for the workout and something to keep in mind. Anyone can go heavy but how strong are you if you add a 3 second hold at the hardest part of the movement 🤔

• DB pullover 4×8. Start light and warm up work your way up until you get to your working weight and start counting your sets from there. I started with these because my main goal for the next few weeks is to grow my lats, I need to look like I can flyyy.

• Cable pullover (rope) 2×15: The most important thing with this movement is to focus on the contraction and to do that you have to slow down and add some cues. As you pull to your thighs bring the shoulders back and down, and as you come back up let your shoulders come forward and repeat.

• Single arm cable Pull over (rope) 3×6. I recently started adding these as a warm up but today I went heavier and added them into my routine. The goal here is to squeeze, you gotta focus on that contraction like it was your job. If you have muscle imbalances (my left lat is smaller than my right) this will help you correct that.

• Underhand barbell rows 4×10. Slight change from the regular barbell row by changing the grip and target the lower portion of the lats. I’m not the biggest fan of this one in particular but they’re one of the best ones for developing that lagging part. One of the biggest things that men’s physique competitors lack is lower lats, including me so I need to make up for that.

• HS high to low row 3×12 (3 sec hold). The HS stands for hammer strength, if your gym doesn’t have hammer strength machines than I feel bad for you and I suggest you find another gym. But if that’s not an option then find any other rowing machine you have access to. Add a 3 second hold at the hardest part of the movement and let it burnnn.

• V bar pulldown 3×8,6,4 (increase weight).
It’s 3 sets of 8, 6, and 4 reps. So yes you’re really doing like 9 sets. Increase the weight on every set and take a 10 sec rest in between that massive pyramid set. Your goal here should be to not rock like you wanna hit your head against the floor. But control the weight, don’t let the weight control you.

• V bar chin ups 3×10-20. I didn’t write to failure because that’s a little vague and I believe in aiming for a number and trying to surpass it. The reason why I switched from the pulldowns to body weight is because I left my belt at home and I didn’t want to hold a dumbbell between my feet, the height of the pull up bar is short at my gym so when I try to hold the dumbbell I have to bend my knees a certain way and that hurts. So I did the heavier sets on the pulldown with the V bar attachment.

• Standing cable row with the V bar attachment, 3 sets of 15,15,15. I’m pretty sure I made the this one up since Ive never really seen it before (so if you know the name, let me know in the comments) but think of it like a seated low cable row with the V bar handle but standing.

How to: Stand in front of the pulley and set up the first angle at about chest height, then for the second angle lower it to about stomach height, and the third one angle it slightly below your hips. Get into the same position as you would for a cable pullover, knees bent and hips hinged back and down. Pull towards your belly button, the movement gets easier as you lower the angle. Keep the weight the same and focus on bringing your shoulders back and down every time you pull.


Thanks for reading! If you enjoyed it or think it may help someone else out, please spread the word. If you’re interested in future posts, subscribe below (scroll all the way down) and get notified when I put out the next post. Thanks for reading and stay tuned!

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