My name is Bryan Blacio, I’m a certified personal trainer based in NYC, NPC Men’s physique competitor, and hold a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management.

I was introduced to health and fitness at the age of 12 years old. I started learning about nutrition and healthy habits working with a nutritionist because I was very overweight and diagnosed with high cholesterol and triglycerides. The doctor gave me a warning that if I kept the same eating habits I could start developing heart problems. After a few months and a lot of changes I dropped the weight and got into a healthier weight range. I didn’t actually start getting physically active until I was about 15 years old and was introduced to one of the most grueling forms of training, boxing. I’m thankful I started with such intensity because it’s stayed with me to this day. As I got stronger and more curious to see what I could do with my body I got to dabble with P90x, Insanity, Karate, Parkour,Crossfit (mostly body weight WOD’s), and I loved it. At 17 I joined an old school, beat down gym that was about 10 minutes away from my house and I was introduced to Bodybuilding. At the same time, a new category within the NPC was getting started and it was called Men’s Physique, it was more of a lean, aesthetic, and achievable look from the regular monsters in Bodybuilding. I was hooked, I don’t remember the exact reason why but somewhere along the line I was inspired by people like Jim Rhon, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Christian Guzman, Steve Cook, and many others became my idols/ rivals. I continued my training with the main focus of growing and learning about the art. I’m 21 years old now and I compete in Men’s Physique with the goal to get to the Olympia stage one day.